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St John Damascene Exposition Project

August 9, 2010

I have a friend who is working on a great project. Here is the project in his words, which can be checked out at:

“I am presently working on a revised English version of The Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith by St. John of Damascus. The objective is to present the entire text in accessible, modern English.  I plan to index and annotate key passages of the text with commentary from both contemporary and historic theologians and writers. This is not a new translation of the text, but will be a much needed revision and publication, making the ‘Exposition’ accessible to modern readers.

St. John Damascene’s The Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith is a summary of the dogmatic writings of the early Church fathers. Our primary goal is to make it available and accessi

ble to the modern reader, while also bringing out the fullest measure of its worth through exemplary annotations and articles.

How Kickstarter Works:

1. I submit the proposal to raise funds for a project, with both a funding goal and an end-date

2. If the plan is accepted, I must meet the funding goal before the end date, or the project will fail, and none of the funds will be made available to me

3. Those who back the project by funding it pledge a certain amount, but their credit cards are not touched unless the funding goal is met by the end date, and not until the end date. If the project fails, all pledges are nil.

4. I am free to offer rewards to backers who pledge certain amounts. In this case, $30 earns the reward of the trade paperback, $65 of the hardback, and so on. This is effectively a way of selling the book in order to fund it through pre-orders.

The primary budget for the production of this historic project is to raise $10,000″

My reason for posting this is to simply help my friend get the word out. The link I gave will also put you in touch with some of Eric’s other projects he has going.

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