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Turning East: Contemporary Philosophers And The Ancient Christian Faith

September 13, 2013

This is a promotional video for a book edited by a friend and fellow parishioner of mine. The title of the book is:
This book can be found on Amazon (as the link above takes you) and also on the Saint Vladimir Seminary Press website.
The book is meant for the philosophically minded person looking into the Orthodox Faith, or wanting to learn from the journeys of others.
I do not personally have any philosophical training or studying, but I find the perspectives and journeys accounted in this book very fascinating. My lack of philosophical background does have its challenges in understanding the content of the book, however, I find this perspective very refreshing, as I want to develop an understanding of philosophy. As such this book opens a door for me to do so.
I hope you enjoy this book.
Anyone who does buy and read the book, be sure to offer some feedback to the editor. As he is a professor at a university, he can be contacted through the university email. He has asked for my feedback to improve any future editions or other works of the same sort. I am sure other feedback would be welcome.

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