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I am of the Race of Christ!

July 12, 2010
Below is an excerpt from for todays reading of the saints. I originally heard is as a podcast at
The thing that struck me was the last line about how it would benefit the Church if we all said we were of the race of Christ, instead of whatever ethnic group or nation we are a part of. Check it out:
July 12
Holy Martyrs Proclus and Hilarius (2nd c.)
Proclus was the uncle of Hilarius; both were from Kallippi in Asia during the reign of Trajan. When Proclus was brought to be tried as Christians, the judge asked him ‘Of what race are you?’ Proclus answered ‘I am of the race of Christ, and my hope is in my God.’ When the judge threatened to torture him, he said ‘When you are afraid to transgress the Emperor’s commands and risk falling into temporal punishment, how much more do we Christians fear to transgress against God’s commands and fall into eternal torment!’ When Proclus was given over to torture, his nephew Hilarius came forward and proclaimed ‘I too am a Christian.’ After torture, both were condemned to death; Proclus was crucified and Hilarius beheaded.
Imagine how the Orthodox Church would benefit if, when we were asked ‘Of what race are you?’ the first answer that came to mind was not ‘I am Greek, Russian, Serbian…’ but ‘I am of the race of Christ!’

I pray that this truth reaches the hearts of every Christian, especially the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church. We need to hear this truth. I hope that from the most nominal lay person, to the holy Patriarchs, we will fall on our knees in repentance before the All Holy Trinity and pray God’s mercy on us for seeing anything but His image in our brothers and sisters. Granted we are human, and prone to weakness, but we have the Truth in Christ, and have His life in us, illumining us. Yes we are a diversity of cultures, but we are one race in Him, who has separated the wall of partition. I think this would not just benefit the Church, but transform it. In the back of the Orthodox Study Bible, one of the morning prayers asks that God would “heal the schisms of the Church.” I think this statement above is the key. It seems to me that this is part of the commandment to love one another. If we could live that one simple statement, “I am on the race of Christ.” I think the Church could indeed be completely reunited.

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